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Bash tutorial @crufter

In this series we will explore the Linux shell scripting language. Every operating system has a terminal - Windows, Linux/Unix, OSX. A terminal is textual interface to operating system. In the old days of computing (think before 90ies), computers could not display pictures or videos - all they could show was text.

Haskell tutorial @crufter

This tutorial is intended for people who are familiar with programming but not with functional programming languages. This series is not interactive yet, but we plan to update it later.

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Meet Idris, a language that will change the way you think about programming @crufter

Posted 01 Jan 2015

Most programming languages barely differ from each other apart from superficial syntax differences, but not Idris. Idris, having a type system supporting dependent types and other innovative ideas, opens up a host of possibilities few other language provides.

Everyday hassles in Go @crufter

Posted 01 Dec 2014

Go became a reliable ally of mine during the past years. I use it in my day job and for side projects alike. I quite like the Go ecosystem, the tooling is great, from go fmt to race detector one can feel that the authors have done their share of coding in the wild. The standard library is very comprehensive (especially considering the age of the language), the documentation is top notch. The language itself though, could be improved a lot by borrowing battle tested ideas from more modern ones.

Haskell - Practical Advantages @crufter

Posted 31 Mar 2013

There are more than a couple of meatless posts on the net about how the magical (not at all) functional programming paradigm is entirely different (no it isn't) from everything you are used to, and how will it save the world (no it won't).