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I’m thrilled to announce that, after extensive effort, Singulatron is now achieving a commendable level of stability. But what exactly is Singulatron capable of?

Empowering AI on your desktop

The genesis of Singulatron is straightforward: we encountered a lack of accessible options for running ChatGPT-like AIs locally. Given the novelty of the industry, this was hardly surprising. However, driven by our desire for a user experience akin to the renowned one, we delved into extensive hacking and custom scripting. Our vision? A seamless, user-friendly platform.

Best of all, Singulatron is both free and private. After tireless development, our dream has become a reality. Join us and embark on this thrilling new journey! And that’s not all:

Tailored AI solutions for your company

We’ve meticulously engineered Singulatron to seamlessly transition from personal AI use to corporate applications, offering a 99% similar experience. This means no steep learning curves or unfamiliar interfaces when integrating Singulatron into your company’s workflows.

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A word from Janos: Aou guessed it right, this post was written by AI. Fairly bland isn’t it?